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Regularly checking your wing is important.

At Nervures the team in charge of repairing and checking your paraglider is exactly the same team which designed and managed its fabrication. We believe this is primordial, and that is why we only take on maintenance for paragliders that we have ourselves designed (Nervures, Gypaaile, ADG, ITV and Adventure) . We are certainly the best qualified to judge the navigation capacity of your paraglider, and on the other hand, ensuring the maintenance of our products provides us with the opportunity to understand how our wings age.

The memory of Nervures in this domain is Marc Jacquet. From the Gypaaile team, Marc has worked with Nervures since 1996. There is a good chance that your wing passed through his hands when it was built, and he will manage the maintenance process, measuring the stitching and giving his guarantee. Marc is a teacher graduated in paragliding.

Considering the quality of service that we offer, and our capacity to assume responsibility for your wing, our prices are extremely attractive.

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