taillé pour l'aventure taillé pour l'aventure

Go Wild!

Escape from overcrowded takeoffs to launch with cool serenity, share a mountain flight with good friends, or travel the world in search of poetic flights amidst stunning landscapes… that's what we dream of.

Inspired by this vision, the Nervures philosophy is based on the freedom from constraints. Our goal is to preserve the spirit of Free Flight. Our research, based on weight reduction is also valuable for security: a light canopy is easier to control in harsh conditions. But "light weight" does not mean "light duty". The high performance fabrics we have carefully selected and field tested exhibit excellent resistance to ageing. As we believe that the pilot and the wing must work together in harmony, we work hard to produce the legendary Nervures handling: a progressive and linear feedback which makes the pilot feel at one with the wing.

Beginner, expert, mountain addict or free flight vagabond, there is a Nervures Paraglider designed to share your adventures. Easy to inflate and graced with intuitive piloting, it will give you true freedom. Whether in the bag or in flight your Nervures wing will become a natural extension of yourself.

Nervures, designed for the natural born Adventurer.