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Initiation, progression, pleasure


School, mountains, travel, MOREA take you everywhere safely.
First training, practice in peace for the most skilled, ground control and flight of the MOREA opens the gates of sky in the line of NERVURES wings.
Easy, safe and efficient you can always pay on your MOREA to take you further on your adventures. Perfectly suited for a peaceful practice of free flight, the MOREA is dedicated for pilots looking for a pleasant, easy, reassuring and light wing.

The take off is very easy to manage even for pupils at the beginning of training, the damping is also reassuring for beginners as for experienced pilots who will fly without doubt in difficult conditions. The turn is excellent and allows easy use of thermal. The efficiency of our new profile opens the way to the first cross, the fully exploitable max speed take you away safely. The MOREA accepts without problems low speeds and provides a particularly reassuring behavior for landing. Brake range is quite long. In cas of incident recovery is very quick by raising hands and is accompanied by low pitch.

The standard version is intended for on-site pilots and schools looking for an intensive and collective use, standard risers.
The bivouac version is also available with Dyneema risers for hike & fly as well as travelers who will take with them including aircraft cabin baggage thanks to it's small packaging